Wednesday, 7 November 2007


So apparently my mac that I bought off Ash really hates this site and won't let me ever update it... but I'm at home in Devon right now so I can.

Millions of things have happened since I last posted..

I've taken the biggest step ever in my life and moved to Bristol to start my illustration course. Bristol is probably the best thing ever. I absolutely love it and the course looks like it's going to be brilliant, everyone is really lovely and I need to stop being so shy and make some proper friends. I don't think I've ever had a class ever in my life where I didn't know anyone.. so it's quite hard really.
I'm living right in the city centre in a Unite building and it is a really nice place because it's just been refurbished.. they're still doing it though really our lift still isn't done and a few other things. It's really good living with one of my close friends and having another 2 floors below me.. I've met some really really lovely people in that building. . but the rest of our flatmates are horrible and make me die inside. I'm a nice person and I think I'm pretty easy to live with so I don't know what their problems are.. but hopefully this week I am sorting out moving to another flat in the building.
Because of these horrible people I'm never in my flat and therefore I haven't been getting much work done.. it's made me really stressed and tired and all sorts so i'm home to catch up with some work and sort everything out.

Everything will be fiiiiiinnnnnneeeeeeeeee.

I haven't got any pictures or anything to post.. go on my artspace to see any in the near future because the old mac is prejudice against blogging.

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littlemithi said...

Everything WILL be fine ... ;)

if you even need any space to work and don't want to be in your flat or at college, you're always welcome at ours - plenty of space here and we're only 15minutes form Bush House...