Tuesday, 28 August 2007

just a thought..

i can't wait until i have enough time to get into drawing properly again..... eeerrrrrrrrrfffffffffffffffffffffffff

chop chop

my hair got chopped and i am a bit sad because i think it's shorter than i wanted it.. it's sort of a 60s bob. i look a bit boyish and strange at the moment. i'm not used to it. i think if i lost a bit of weight it would look better because my face would be more defined and i wouldn't look so strange i think. stupid food and laziness.

it's just under 18 days until uni! woooooooooo! i couldn't sleep last night though because i'm all fluttery hearted about it. argh!

enough waffle.

Sunday, 12 August 2007

dog hog blog

oh how lovely. my mum's friend geoff bought me things things for uni. they cost a pound each. i'm not sure what that little wooden man is for, but i sure love him. i'm going to eat off that dog hog plate every day and laugh hysterically. and three little plates for cake! so sweet. my flatmates will probably think i am a bit of a freak, but at least our crockery won't get all mixed up, eh!
my grandmother has also given me her old pans and they're all flowery!
my uncle gave me £10 for a teapot.
life is good.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

things for emmyemma

here are the things i made for emma for her belated birthday present. she likes getting post so i thought i would post it to her. i made the envelope all pretty with flowers and flicky paint and big writing. (i covered her address so she doesn't receive any parcel bombs.) The letter is along a similar line, with the same colours but bolder! and a nice little pattern that i have decided to get tattooed on my foot/ankle. and a real life butterfly! like on kayleigh's letter i circled the letters so em has to have fun putting them together to see what i have to say! aaannnddd i have also made her a little kitty! i think she should be called tugela or amelie, but i have left that up to emma to decide. lovely.

Saturday, 4 August 2007


Life is so super sweet.