Tuesday, 28 August 2007

chop chop

my hair got chopped and i am a bit sad because i think it's shorter than i wanted it.. it's sort of a 60s bob. i look a bit boyish and strange at the moment. i'm not used to it. i think if i lost a bit of weight it would look better because my face would be more defined and i wouldn't look so strange i think. stupid food and laziness.

it's just under 18 days until uni! woooooooooo! i couldn't sleep last night though because i'm all fluttery hearted about it. argh!

enough waffle.

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Aya said...

Funnily enough i've seriously been contemplating getting my hair chopped off for the past couple of days.

I have the really long curly sort of gypsy-like hair. I'm not sure how i'd react to losing that.

I think i'm just bored. Bored to the extent of considering a pixie haircut.

Bummer :/