Saturday, 28 April 2007

grown up stuff..

So, house hunting and things was T-I-R-I-N-G yesterday!

First we went to the Arnolfini because I saw an interesting book in the window, and ended up buying a few really awesome magazine things. They're absolutely lovely, the sort of thing I hope to end up doing really, amongst other things.

Then we went on a hunt for Drake House I think it was. We found it eventually and I decided instantly that I didn't want to live there as it was on a really busy road and it was soooo noisy.
Then we had another walk to find another one I can't remember what it was called but it was on Bond Street which is RIDICULOUSLY busy. I mean, I want to live in Bristol and have that city experience after living in a village my whole life, but I don't want to walk outside and instantly be hit by looooads of traffic and fumes and building sites! It's just scary. So that's off the list too.

We went up to Frenchay to get Beth, and on the way went through this part of Bristol that seemed like a little village! It was so cute. Anyway then we went down to the area Beth was thinking of getting a house - Ashley Down/Horfields. Both areas are really nice, and we found St. Andrews and Montpelier are absolutely awesome as well, and close to a main bus route and closer to the city centre as well.

Then we found Culver House after a lot of searching and some incredible map reading by meeee. And it looks like it could be a contender. Super close to the city centre, but tucked away so it's not really overwhelming. On Park Street as well which is a really nice area. Sort of leaning towards this at the moment because it's so convenient for everything, no need to get taxis home! Aaaaand I won't have to pay for it over the summer which I probably would for a house. And it's cheap too, like £63 a week I think! Bargain!

Probably be going up again some time soon to look inside Culver House and hopefully some houses tooooo!
Need to do a lottttttttttt of thinking and investigating!

Eeeeeek! I feel so grown up.

In other news, I am making another book, and it's going really well so far. It's pretty small, but niceeee. I will probably post scans later.

Thursday, 26 April 2007

grown up stuff

I'm going up to Bristol tomorrow to look at halls and houses with Beth who's already at UWE.

It's excitiiiiiiiiing!

I feel so grown up! :)

Tuesday, 24 April 2007


This sort of just happened while I was experimenting earlier..


Yup yup yup.

I really wish I could concentrate on doing things for college instead of this silliness..

Monday, 23 April 2007

i'm in

I got into Bristol


I win I win!

As long as I get a good grade I guess.. they haven't actually said what I need to get, but...


Saturday, 21 April 2007

woops whales

I still haven't scanned have I.. soon though.

Read this and love life:

It’s all about being alive. Being nothing and everything at the same time. Being a part of a greater whole. It’s all about having the strength to be fragile. Being broken into thousands of pieces each with their own unique emotion. It’s all about being transparent, joyfully clear. A biological mapping of feelings, all exposed and revealed. It’s all about beauty. It’s all about being a part of the beauty. Being a fragment of the gorgeous blue thing we all live on. Earth. A world of art in its clearest natural representation. It’s about gazing at the world and just being a poet, a painter, a musician. Being an artist as a result of being alive. Our mere existence as an artistic act. It’s but a simple question. Why waste the beauty if you are the beauty? It’s all about love. It’s about feeling beautiful for life’s most minute details. It’s being aware, perfectly and clearly, of every moment that passes. It’s all about a spark. The first spark lighting up when all started to be. A spark being us and we still being that spark. It’s all about the future. The future being love. If we are love, we are the future. Love. Light up. Follow. Follow your own whale.

Listen to their music too here

Bristol still haven't gotten back to me yet, so I still don't know whether I'm in or not.

But I am totally loving everything at the moment, enjoying my last summer at home, despite some minor setbacks.
I'm still shininggggggg

Sunday, 15 April 2007

tings and tings

It's been a while.

Pretty sure concentrating on my work the past few weeks was really worth it, as I got a high merit grade in my college assessment (wheeee! close to distinction!) and my interview at Bristol went pretty well:

We had to put our folios in a room and then we went off on a tour (that I had already done twice..)
Then when we came back we had interviews. I was one of the first!
It was a reeeaaally short interview, which was a little bit disappointing because I had thought of lots of things to say to make them want me, but oh well.
They said they really liked my work, told me a bit about the course, I asked a few questions and was all enthusiastic and stuff.
I was sooo nervous but it went pretty well I think!

I will know the verdict in the next couple of weeks.
Fingers crossed for me please!

I may have some fun with my scanner and post up what I've been busy doing lately.
We'll see, eh.

Tuesday, 3 April 2007



I have a lot of work that I want to do before my interview at Bristol on 13th April, so I probably won't update this for a while.

laters gaters.