Wednesday, 30 September 2009


My best friend in the whole world ever, Oli, has recently broken up with his girlfriend of about a year. I won't go into the details, but I'm visiting him tomorrow and I'm going to try and cheer him up. Me and my kitten, Kimiko, decided we would bake him some "no more heartbreak" cakes :) I think we should do this as a living.

Bake some little cakes of your choice! I made chocolate and vanilla. Then make some butter icing and colour it whatever colour you'd like. I chose pink because Oli is a big pansy... :)
Oli particularly likes butterfly cakes, so I made some. All you have to do is cut out a circle from the cake, then cut this circle in half. Then fill the hole with icing and stick the "butterfly wings" back in. Voila!
The chocolate cakes didn't work so well with the butterflying, I'm not sure why. They were more crumbly. So I just put icing on the top and some chocolate curls. Of course I had to try one of each to make sure they were okay.. YUM!


Pretty much the exact colour I was after, yessss. It needs a bit of a chop though. I don't think I should do it myself but I really want it to look nice for my adventure tomorrow..

Monday, 28 September 2009


Watching this new series on E4 called Being Erica, and it's basically about this girl having loads of regrets and this random man sending her back in time to fix things. Sounds like a nice idea, right? Sometimes I really really wish I could do that, not necessarily because I regret things, but just out of curiousity. I guess I'll never know though.


I am not getting out of bed today. I quite simply cannot.

Friday, 25 September 2009


My finds for today, an amazing owl cushion that I couldn't afford but I'm hoping I/Granny can make something similar, and two little birdies perfect for wearing in my hair with a little tulle. I fell in love with this golden owl, and the long orange feathers on the other little tweeter.
From Gazebo in Totnes.


In the navy blues. Mostly.

Scarf - made especially for me by Emili.
Cardigan - Topshop.
Necklace - Topshop.
Dress - charity shop (previously an underskirt from M&S)
Belt - velvet ribbon.
Bag - charity shop.
Bracelet - Accessorize.
Misc. black tights.
Boots - Dr Martens.

Thursday, 24 September 2009


This is seriously epic.


apparently hairdye doesn't work on my hair anymore? Maybe I'll save up and go back to the hairdressers. Maybe.


The weather does not know what it's doing today. I woke up and it was clear blue skies and birds singing, and now there are some grey clouds hanging around threatening rain. I have to go out and get some hairdye as I'm planning on going a lighter, more natural red (probably verging on ginger) so I thought I'd play it safe with some waterproof boots, a big chunky scarf and slightly tinted glasses. I'm going to take my big grandad cardie as well in case it's chilly. What a boring blog entry! Will update later if my hair turns out well..

Glasses - charity shop.
Scarf - Primark.
Belt - velvet ribbon.
Dress - made from an old shirt.
Socks - Primark.
Boots - Dr Martens, secondhand.
Cardigan, not pictured - charity shop (previously Marks&Spencer)

Definitely an outfit on a budget right here.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


Some days, I like to dress up like an animal. This is what I felt like today.

Flower - H&M
Shawl - fabric store
Brooch - charity shop
Gold top - Topshop
Trousers - stolen from my brother (yes, brother)
Shoes - New Look


Today I was a little bored, and thought I'd raid my mother's wardrobe. I found this 1980s gem, which I think my mum actually made as it's not very professionally done! (nice velcro fastening up the back, for example.) But apart from that, and the rather scratchy material, I really like it and I'm going to try my best to steal it. It fits perfectly and I love the contrast between the extra fabric on the front, and the low revealing back. Teamed it with some 1980s Gina shoes here.
I also found this tropical number, with a tie back. Love it, and wish I'd discovered it before summer ended.
(Sorry for the crappy picture quality..)


So yesterday, Kayley and I decided it was about time we checked out the new 1950's style diner. We each had a Casey's special milkshake, cheesy fries and some onion rings. We ate a pitiful amount of food and were totally stuffed. We're definitely going to go again to try the desserts, as all we could manage afterwards was a lollipop (which I thought finished off the occasion quite nicely). I've got my eye on a Chocobutton Yum. I'm hoping it's as good as it sounds.


This is a leaving card for my very good friend Yogi. He is leaving for New Zealand for a year. On the front you can see swallows on a line, they leave every autumn. Then inside there is another swallow. The cat inside is detachable, kind of like a business card, it has my home address and email, so that he can write to me while he's away. I hope he does. I will write a message inside as well, but that is personal so I didn't want to include it.


I say this often, but I need to do something about my life - every aspect is still a mess. Especially my room, which is where I might start.
As I'm not really doing a lot of art at the moment, I thought I'd use my blog as a way of keeping track of what I am doing, creatively. This can be anything really - an outfit, a little bit of prose, a photograph. I need to not be so hung up on creating something epic, and celebrate the little things I can do, and do do, every day. (It's highly unlikely I'll update this every day, let's just see how it goes..)
I also want to keep a diary of inspiration on here too, as I often see things I like on the internet, and then forget them soon after.
Perhaps a few details of what I have been doing here and there as well. Perhaps.