Thursday, 31 December 2009


Happy nearly new year all you lovelies.

After much stressing out, I decided I should stay in for new year. I've only ever had 2 good new years: one was when I was 15 and the boy I was completely besotted with (and still rather adore) got down on one knee and asked if I'd do him the honour of being his girlfriend. I couldn't sleep that night I was so happy. The other was one where I stayed in and had a bath.

Tonight I have sulked, after thoroughly disappointing my boyfriend by telling him I'm not coming out, eaten yummy noodles, drank lots of champagne, played with my kitten, and now I'm listening to Backstreet Boys. It's all good.
I hate making a big deal out of anything, especially new year. I'm not up for the crowds and the noise and the over-hype. No thank you.

Anyway I hope you have all had a nice evening and start the new year the way you mean to go on.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009


You know when something feels really, really wrong. But you can't quite pinpoint what it is?

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Just been inspired by Jeffrey David Luker via See Hear Say. I really really should take a proper camera out more often, and not rely on my awful camera on my phone, or my old rubbish little digital. And I should not feel awkward about taking a photo I should just do it.


I've been so busy lately, mentally and physically, that I haven't had time or energy to update day to day, so it's all come out in a big mess now. I hope you followers don't mind too much. I also have to catch up with the millions of blogs that I watch now!
I met up with an old friend yesterday, probably the person who hurt me most in the end. It's a whole messy situation that I don't want to go into. The reason we met up was to talk about the whole situation but it just ended up being a cup of tea with a friend. I slept for 14 hours after that.
'It'd be better to forget you, but I don't really want to."
My head is all over the place. Thank goodness for the little gem below.
(I hope my boyfriend and the photographer don't mind that I've stolen this..)


Went to see Cosmo Jarvis perform at the Barrel House in Totnes on Sunday night with Oli and the Chris. He's friends with a few of my friends so I got to finally meet him which was nice after hearing so much about him and enjoying his short films and songs. He was very good. We ended up partying at Chris' sister's house until the early hours. It was very cold. I kept falling asleep and waking up with my hat gone, it was unnerving. Then we had a lot of marmite on toast at Chris'. There were 3 in the bed that night and it was comforting. Then Roy joined us. Look at little Roy.
I feel really... what's the opposite of fluent? That's what I feel in this post. But that's how the night made me feel so that's just fine and appropriate.

Anyway, you definitely should visit Cosmo's youtube, here.

For some reason the photos of it all finished are first and the photos of me decorating are second. You're just going to have to deal with it. I was very happy with how it turned out :) very Christmassy! Sad to think it's all over now. I like the last photo and that you can't really see Kimi apart from her eyes!!


Here are some photos I got off the Don'tStayIn website. I wish me and Jack got a photo together but he was DJing most of the night so I barely saw him! It was brilliant though. I'm really hoping for a circus theme for Bestival next year so I can whack out my clown costume again. I don't have a proper full length photo of it unfortunately but I'll see what I can do. Playsuits are surprisingly simple to make! If anyone wants me to put up a pattern for one i will :)


I spent a day and a half making this lion costume for my boyfriend, and I obviously had to have a go myself! :) I'm so proud of it!


Trying to cheer myself up with mugs of hot chocolate bigger than my head, ballgowns, and crimping my hair.


These are from the 18th when me and mum got our christmas tree :) sorry these are so belated!


These photos are from a while ago. On the 11th December I travelled to Bournemouth to watch the YeahYeahYeahs. It was such a beautiful day, here are some photos from my train journey, and from the gig. It was suuuuuch fun!


Sorry for the very awful quality, these photos were taken with my phone. But awwwww, I love El Hefe :)

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


something wrong underneath all this right.

Saturday, 19 December 2009


Have you ever looked at your hand really, really close and realised your skin looks like it's made up of loads of little stars in boxes? Mine really does.

I've been quite busy lately, so only time for little posts like this.

Will do a lot of photos perhaps on Boxing Day when everything has quietened down a little!

It snowed today, the smallest amount for about 10 seconds. But I still got very excited :D

Thursday, 17 December 2009


Especially when things are more complicated when you thought they'd be, and you want to give up. And you hurt someone just by finding a bit of happiness. And even when you dress up in your ballgown and panda hat you still feel sad.

Sometimes it's really, really hard to remember the good things you've got. But it's really important that you do.

Have a little talk with the one who always seems to say the right words, and if you don't have one of those, I'm generally always around to give it a bash.


it's much nicer watching the news on mute and making up your own stories.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


The bruises on my knobbly knees have gotten worse! oh dear oh dear.


i want to live in a fort with you and the cats forever and ever and watch where the wild things are on repeat and eat biscuits and wear my max costume and you wear your lion costume and just sleep and sleep and sleep.

(sorry for spamming you all today with my blogs i just feel like i have a lot to say!)


Despite the crackling phoneline and the signal cutting out, the sentiments were there and reached my heart just fine.

We don't know why we don't talk like that often, but when we do it's just the same as it ever was, and will continue to be.

I am his first thought when something goes wrong, and it's so nice to know he still needs me just as much as I need him.

Mr Oliver Read, ladies and gentlemen. My best friend in the whole wide world. The best I have ever, and will ever know.
(and my favourite photo of us :D )



I've gone ahead and gotten one of these too.

Please ask me things :)
I am so glad I gave up on giving up.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

10 DAYS.

Until the big day!

Today I....

made some christmassy bunting to hang in the sitting room and up the stairs.
wrapped all the presents that I've bought so far.
tidied my room and turned all my fairy lights on.
received my first christmas present!

All very exciting. Still so much to do!

Monday, 14 December 2009


you know the end of that line.

i would bruise my knees any day for you.