Wednesday, 19 May 2010


Oli's birthday was on the 9th of April. He was working in the daytime but I waited on the beach for him with some of his other friends. Then we had a LOT of beer and went for a meal. Some of his friends worked there and they made him a special birthday icecream sundae with alcohol and candles in it. We had more beer and then went back to Oli's house. He cracked open the champagne which caused me to pass out on a Wispa bar, and it proceeded to melt to the shape of my face...
The next day, despite hangovers, we went and had a picnic in one of the most beautiful (and steepest) fields ever. We could juuuust see the sea and we sat under a treee. The boys made a beautiful spread of all sorts of yummy food :) it was just perfect until it got a bit cold and I realised I should've brought some warmer clothes with me...
It was a marvellous 24hours.
(I quite obviously didn't take the photos that I'm in - Seth did. The others are mine.)

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