Wednesday, 19 May 2010


8th April - Phoebe was enjoying the sunshine (isn't she pretty) and I needed to make cakes for Oli's birthday. His favourite cakes, as far as I'm aware, are plain sponge butterfly cakes, with butter icing. I thought I'd make them more exciting with FOOD COLOURING. I know, pretty exciting.
An unusual thing happened though, and I think it must be because of the food colouring, the cakes turned out looking like nipples. This has never happened before (as I never really use food colouring) and it has only happened since when using food colouring. How very strange.
The blue cakes look absolutely disgusting, but I kind of like it. They are all so bright!

I also made a card with a drawing of the moon on it, because me and Oli have a thing about the moon :)

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