Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Here are a few snaps of my room.
I tidied up and made a bed on the floor as Kayley is coming over tonight for a sleepover! We're going to eat cakes and popcorn, and drink tea, and watch soppy films. I am so excited for it. I don't have many good girlfriends so I really appreciate the ones I do have!
Look how cosy my room is :) we're definitely going to be cosy cats!

1. & 2. One of my nicest corners - some of my favourite children's storybooks (including Where The Wild Things Are and Thumbelina), my lovely orange horses (one of which really does need a bit of restoration), and my last birthday card from my best friend - it has a cupcake on it because he knows how much I like cakes :) hehe.
3. My favourite place in the whole world - my bed!
4. The chocolate buns I made for scoffing tonight :)
5. The buns, Big Ted, my Max costume (which keeps scaring me at night, it really just looks like someone standing in my room in the half-darkness) and the cosy bed I made for Kayley.
6. Another angle where you can see most of my room.
7. My sofa with lots and lots of cushions and animals and things :)


cakestar said...

amazing bedroom, so big :) and that looks like one nice cozy bed :)

Mermaid said...

oh, my! your room is like the epitome of what i wish my room looked like. Is it an attic type room? i love the sloping roof(:
your bed and couch look very big and cosy. I'm sure you and your friend will have an absolutely exquisite time♥
hugs & hugs
xx olivia

Becky! said...

im incredibly jealous of your bedroom, mine is so cold and big and white its the absolute worst during the winter ox

Fern said...

Gah! I love your room, it looks so lovely and cosy with lots of cute lovely things in it :]

elynor said...

i want your room!