Thursday, 12 November 2009


I feel so good at the moment. Life is picking up a bit.

It's strange because I remember posting about how I felt I didn't have many friends down here, and all my friends are busy doing exciting things and I'm not... and since then I feel like this has all changed a bit.
I've been so busy since Halloween time, seeing friends, doing nice things, thinking up new projects and things to make! And I met up with a friend yesterday who seems to have his head totally screwed on and he is doing really well for himself, and he wants me to do some illustration work for him! I'm so happy and excited to receive the brief and get scribbling!

Also, I'm feeling a really strong urge to look after my friends. I feel strong enough to support those in need, and I just want to spoil them all with cakes and cute things and hugs.

I have quite a few things in the pipeline and I'm really looking forward to doing them all and showing you the results.

Speaking of which, I better start my Christmas factory ASAP! 6 weeks tomorrow!!


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