Saturday, 14 November 2009


Winds of up to 100mph (160km/h) have hit parts of the UK as a storm moves across Wales and southern England.
Watch a video of the some of the damage the wind has caused here!

The best thing to do while storms are running around causing havoc, is to snuggle under a duvet and eat cakes and ice cream and watch nice films.
This is what I'm planning on doing tomorrow. I have made some pretty cakes for the occasion, sorry for the poor quality photo off my phone! I'll take a better one when my camera has charged!


Maddielalala said...

snap, duvet days all the way! Love the cakes :P xxx

Jessica Lucy said...

my trampoline got blown from a field away and smashed into my car windscreen! it was so scary!

i love the cakes, such a good idea! i love baking :)

you have the cutest blog! jess x

Athena. said...

that's adorable :)!

Jessica Lucy said...

thank you so much for following me :) jess x