Friday, 6 November 2009


Today I travelled back in time and went for afternoon tea with my mother. I bought some fabric for some up and coming projects, and then I came home and played with my cats - Phoebe, El Hefe and Kimiko.
I love those kids.


Mermaid said...

your outfit is so darling♥
your day looks just lovely. i love your little kitties♥
the last photograph is so cute♥

the wild wolves said...

i adore this post! you look so lovely in that outfit and your cats are so so cute!

delicate diaries said...

your coat is so divine! x

YourWordsAreMyWeakness said...

You're too cute for words.

Wonderlander said...

Ooh that tea looks scrummy! Thank you for your comments sweetie- your right- christmas cake does say 'christmas' doesn't it?! And I lovelovelove the Max costume you made for halloween!