Monday, 12 October 2009


Every *thing* hurts more like. I swear in the past week, every single cell in my body has hurt at one point or another. Sick of being tired, tired of being sick. My hair is also in that inbetween stage, y'know, when it's growing out and it's all kind of blah. But only on one side. So can you just all look at me from my left side and ignore what's going on on the other side? Shaving one side of your hair is a great idea when you're drunk in your first year of uni, but two years later when it seems like everyone else has decided to do the same and you decide to grow it out, it looks so bad. Maybe I should wear my leopard hat all the time. Or a wig. The other option is to shave it off again, but then I'd be right back to square one. It feels damn good though. This is such a rambly pointless post. I'll stop now.

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