Thursday, 24 September 2009


The weather does not know what it's doing today. I woke up and it was clear blue skies and birds singing, and now there are some grey clouds hanging around threatening rain. I have to go out and get some hairdye as I'm planning on going a lighter, more natural red (probably verging on ginger) so I thought I'd play it safe with some waterproof boots, a big chunky scarf and slightly tinted glasses. I'm going to take my big grandad cardie as well in case it's chilly. What a boring blog entry! Will update later if my hair turns out well..

Glasses - charity shop.
Scarf - Primark.
Belt - velvet ribbon.
Dress - made from an old shirt.
Socks - Primark.
Boots - Dr Martens, secondhand.
Cardigan, not pictured - charity shop (previously Marks&Spencer)

Definitely an outfit on a budget right here.

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Kylie said...

Wow! The scarf definately steals the show! I love it. Weird, but it's so hot in my city right now I kind of wish fall will just get here already!! Outfits like this DEFINE fall. So lovely!