Monday, 28 September 2009


I am not getting out of bed today. I quite simply cannot.


Aya said...

I love you.

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

hope you feel better
love all of your art
sometimes I just wanna lay
in or stay in too and not do anything
and hide away or listen to the smiths or watch old movies or something
by myself, really hope you feel better <3

lyzi said...

thanks guys :) i need to invest in some old movies for days like these, any recommendations?

I_Might_Be_Wrong said...

you're very welcome cutie *hugs*

Rebel Without a Cause, early Brando
and Ken Loach's Kes and some French New Wave (Hiroshima Mon Amour, The 400 Hundred Blows and Vivre Sa Vie)
I'd gladly watch them
with you if I could <3