Monday, 18 May 2009


I want hot hazy nights and hugging knees, tartan blankets and smoking a joint on the sly. Sitting on bonnets and adventures on hilltops, crackling radios and crackling fires. Dirty vest, dirty hair, dirty lungs. I want turning off the light and listening to the rain, wondering, dreaming without sleeping. Escaping in the middle of the night, through dew-soaked grass with no shoes or socks. The misty break of dawn, birds singing and the sun rising, feeling like the only two people awake in the whole world. Taking pictures of everything. Falling asleep at noon, under a parasol on the beach. Picnics laced with gin. Screaming at the top of my lungs, holding your hand as we fall into the sea, pulling each other closer, hidden underwater. Wet hair, wet eyes, wet lips. Feeling free and beautiful and happy and weightless. Sneaking glances and kisses when we think no one is looking. Sharing ice creams with a cat. Closing my eyes as you put a flower in my hair. Sunrise, sunset.
I want remembering who I am again.

Will you be my partner in crime?

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