Sunday, 22 February 2009

good news

I went to see a man called Dr Peatfield yesterday and he was really good. He reminded me of my Grandad quite a lot which made me happy and sad.
Basically, he said that the doctor saying i have ME is like someone going to the doctor and saying "I have a headache" and then the doctor going "right, my diagnosis is that you've got a headache."
He did a few tests on me, and said that he thinks there are underlying adrenal problems which are causing all these problems for me. And there could be thyroid problems too. First we're going to try and sort out the adrenal crap and then see if i need my thyroid sorting out too!
He seemed really positive and seemed to think I could start getting better soonish! I can't rush things though or be too impatient, but if all goes well I should start feeling a bit better soon :) I really hope so!

In other news I'm feeling reeeeeally restless and I need a change of some sort.. maybe a little adventure.

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woop (: