Saturday, 22 December 2007

tis the season to...

get ill, get drunk, eat too much, buy too much, eat some more, drink some more, slump into a depressed state, get ill again, get drunk again......

Aaaahhh Christmas!

I went Christmas shopping and amongst the presents for other people I bought a nice book for myself.. it's called The True And The Questions by Sabrina Ward Harrison. You're meant to write and draw and stuff in it yourself, it's like a prompted journal.. or something. But I like it as it is, it's already full of meaning and feeling. I'm hoping it's going to inspire me.

I have had toooooo many problems in my first term and now I'm all over the place and also thinking a bit that maybe illustration isn't for me so much. I'm considering moving to fine art. But I don't know I need to do a lot of thinking.. (more?!) argh. God, I don't know. Maybe I'll do some scribbling and see what happens..

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