Saturday, 9 June 2007

done and dusted.

College is pretty much over. I can't actually believe it..

I can't imagine not seeing my little fags every day.. not going for constant breaks.. not talking shit with them alllllll the time.

Butttt I will see them lots throughout the summer hopefully! I need to get a job too... argh.

Can't quite relax properly yet - still need to do my colour theory for Monday, and I really want to know what grade I got.
I was pretty happy with my exhibition work. I personally think it looks really good, and I hope I get a good grade. I'd really like a disctinction but I don't think I've got enough work.. we'll see.

I bought 3 bikinis today.... to compensate for the fact that I couldn't get the one I actually really wanted in my size.. argh!

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