Sunday, 15 April 2007

tings and tings

It's been a while.

Pretty sure concentrating on my work the past few weeks was really worth it, as I got a high merit grade in my college assessment (wheeee! close to distinction!) and my interview at Bristol went pretty well:

We had to put our folios in a room and then we went off on a tour (that I had already done twice..)
Then when we came back we had interviews. I was one of the first!
It was a reeeaaally short interview, which was a little bit disappointing because I had thought of lots of things to say to make them want me, but oh well.
They said they really liked my work, told me a bit about the course, I asked a few questions and was all enthusiastic and stuff.
I was sooo nervous but it went pretty well I think!

I will know the verdict in the next couple of weeks.
Fingers crossed for me please!

I may have some fun with my scanner and post up what I've been busy doing lately.
We'll see, eh.