Wednesday, 28 March 2007

sensitive wrinkle

The other day I sat in the shower so long that I turned into a wrinkle.

I also got an awesome shiny brilliant sewing machine and finished my book just in time for assessment.

I went in today to show my mum the exhibition and my friends' work that I really like, and I found out I got a Merit Plus or something. Kate also got this and we're in the top of the class. Chris got a distinction, the only one in the class. Well done him, eh.
Pav, our tutor, said my work was very sensitive and lovely aha. I think he was just being nice because my mum was there though..

Next deadline is my Bristol interview.. and I have a few big drawings I want to do for my portfolio before then, so I will continue working hard for a couple of weeks. Then get totally wrecked after my interview. Hopefully Kane, Kate and Charlie will be coming up too :D adventure!

Here is the front of the book that I made, and a couple of the pages..

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